Wearing Lights and Brights in the Fall

I have this thing in my head where I assign certain colors to seasons.  Pastels to spring, brights to summer, oranges and olive to fall and black and grey to winter.  Coming out of my comfort zone with these colors isn’t always easy for me as I feel like I am not approptoately dressed for a season.

Case in point the other day I was looking at this beautiful brunt orange dress in my closet and telling Big Daddy that I needed to hurry up and wear it because it would be out of season soon.  He looked at me like I was crazy because it kind of is crazy.  There really isn’t a rule that says we have to wear certain colors in certain seasons.  I don’t know why I continue to think about it that way.

So how do we wear lights and bights in the fall and winter?  I think there are a few things to consider.  Length of sleeves and hems is definitely the first.  I may wear hot pink but I would probably wear a top that had sleeves or add the illusion of sleeves by pairing it with a jacket.  I would also put the bright top with a dark denim or pants.  Booties or a closed toe shoe are also an easy way to make a look feel more fall or winter.

Accessories are also a way to make an outfit look more seasonally appropriate.  Taking a hot pink pant and pairing it with a black turtle neck and adding strings of pearls or a heavier statement necklace.  Again with the shoes I would pick something more substantial than just a strappy shoe.

When I picked out this outfit I was looking for something to wear to a fall baby shower.  This had just been released with the new A New Day line at Target.  I loved the big sleeve which was on trend for fall and paired with the yellow skirt it just worked.  Even though the skirt was a lighter weight chiffon I knew that pairing it with booties would get me through the fall and I could picture wearing it with tights and a black top in the winter.  It seemed like a good versatile piece that would carry me through to the spring.  Then on a little trip to Au Darling Kylen showed me this belt and it pulled the whole thing together in the most perfect way.

So don’t put rules on yourself about dressing that keep you from enjoying certain colors in each season.  There are so many colors to choose from and putting rules on yourself just hinders your self expression.

{This post contains affiliate links for Target.  All thoughts and opinions are mine}

Top (similar); I also like this and this // Skirt.  Similar skirts are here and here // Belt // Shoes (similar); also loving these and these

XO, Tippy

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  1. Love this outfit!! Can we talk about care of the skirt for a min though… I keep wanting to but that/similar skirts from target but I always stop myself because I just can’t imagine the pleats holding up to the washer and dryer and then me having to iron them all out… Does it hold up? Are you sending the skirt to the cleaners? Thanks for all the tips!

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