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Halloween Recap

There is no denying we like to do things big in this family but costume holidays are our favorite.  I am glad that I have instilled a lot of things in my kids but a love of costumes and dressing up is definitely a big one.  They beg to dress up at least once a week and Mardi Gras and Halloween are two holidays that we never miss an opportunity to dress up and have fun.

Halloween is basically the Mardi Gras of the Fall…

Our Halloween started over the weekend with a variety of events.  Lots of pictures and lots of fun…


Our Friday started out with getting everyone dressed in costume.  Peyton had character day at school.  They were supposed to pick a book and dress like a character.  Well he wanted to be a Ninja Turtle so I bought a special Ninja Turtle Kindergarten reader for him to bring.  Well as luck usually has it in our family we could not find the book that morning.  UGH.  We literally ripped the house apart and could not find it.  I finally found an alligator book and told him to just explain to his teacher what happened…

Paxton’s school had their annual Halloween Playdate and Picnic.  He and Pops and I all went together.  Pax dressed as Robin in a costume that is two years old and way too small for him but there was no convincing him out of it.  Pops went as a skeleton and me as a jack o lantern.  The day is always fun because I know so many of the moms.  Pax insisted on bringing a bag of suckers and he was the most popular kid there.

Me –  shirt // Leggings (in store) // Shoes

Pops –  PJs // Hat

Paxton –  Robin Costume



We started our day early with a birthday party for our friends Mason and Hayes.  The Bigs have been asking for their faces to be painted since we bought the face paint last week.  Each day what they request is getting bigger and bigger.  I am doing the best I can with my $4 face paint and Pinterest.

My leggings (similar) // top // shoes (similar)
Big Daddy Shirt // jeans
The Boys chambray tops // Jeans

We had the Prima Donnas Halloween Party that night so we hurried back from Central to Mandeville so Johanna could come over and do my makeup and help me fit my wig.  As always she was amazing and totally rocked it!

The party was a blast!  It was nice to have an adult night out with Big Daddy and I had a great time getting to know some of my Prima Sonna sisters a little better.  The house was beyond amazing and the decorations blew my mind.  Also, after not eating sweets for more than a month I was happy to indulge a little in the sweets bar and these tiny little apply pies they had.  YUMM!


My costume skirt // corset // wig

Big Daddy costume shirt // pants // shoes // accessories


Rise and Shine!  Why don’t kids sleep in the day after you are out late?  Sunday was Peyton’s Gotcha Day.  We woke up and had breakfast and then met up with my parents to have second breakfast at the Donut King.  Peyton got a cinnamon roll that was literally bigger than his head.  It was all about Peyton so we went to his favorite park and played for a long time and then lunch at Chilis his favorite place.

That afternoon we invited some of our friends over for a pumpkin decorating party.  The boys all had a great time and even the moms got in on the fun.  We enjoyed all our pumpkin decorating kits we got from Target!


This was the culmination of our week.  Paxton, Porter and I spent the morning dropping off treats at some of our favorite boutiques in the area.  We had lunch with Big Daddy and then it was home for a quick nap and costume change.  We picked Peyton up from school and everyone got their faces painted.

Also, Pax had to have a Zombie Frappuccino from Starbucks.  He said it was good.  It looked disgusting.

As usual Mom turned into a crazy person by the time we got our faces painted, got in the costunes and took a nice picture.  Why is it so hard to do things with boys???

Our Halloween tradition is to meet our favorite neighborhood family in their cul-de-sac and go trick or treating with all of their neighbors.  It’s always fun and the kids have a blast.  Our neighborhood is like the trick or treating capitol of Mandeville so there are always plenty of costumes to see and lots of houses to get treats from.

I planned our costumes back in July when Amazon was having prime day.  I got all 5 or us costumes for $50!  It was like a sales high all over again when I was taking the tags off of them Halloween night.

A few catastrophes that befell us that night…  Pops drank half a bottle of bubbles and Peyton fell in a ditch full of what smelled like swamp water.  It would not be a night with the King’s if everything went smoothly.  Fun was had by all so we went home to recoop and plan for the next festivity…  Christmas!

Me Top // Skirt // Tights // Gloves

Pax and Porters Shirts

Family Costumes // Adults // Kids

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