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Most women have more accessories than they can count.  From jewelry to bags to scarves there are endless ways to accessories an outfit.  Accessories are what allow us to take a normal outfit and make it fabulous.  They also allow us to extend out wardrobe so that one outfit can be worn multiple ways.  Lastly they allow us to show our personal style and put our own spin on an outfit.

With endless options for women it seems like most men are at a loss for what accessories are at their disposal.  I mean we all know the basics like a watch or sunglasses but there is so much more than that available is you do a little searching and come out of your comfort zone.  Today I am going to talk about my five favorite obscure men’s accessories.

Also, these are all the perfect stocking stuffers.

Socks…  Socks are the new must have item.  There are literally sock companies popping up all over the place from sock subscription boxes to socks with your monogram woven into the actual sock.  Sock choices are endless and give a man the opportunity to show off some personal, fun style.

Pocket Square…  Blazers and suit jackets all come with a place for a pocket square.  Most of the time you are going to have to cut the little string that is holding it closed but you can do that when you are cutting the strings on the vents in the back of the jacket.  Yes fellas you are supposed to open that slit and I am telling you this because once a week I have to tell people to do this.  Pocket squares aren’t expensive and can be so much fun!  They come in as many patterns, colors and styles as ties do.  Use them as a complimentary color to your outfit or to add a pop of color when you are dressing more basic.  A pocket square will make your outfit look more polished and high end.  Not sure how to fold a pocket square?  Check out this tutorial.

Watch Bands…  Did you know that you can easily change out a watch band yourself?  I didn’t either until Big Daddy taught me about it.  Match your band to your outfit or let your band be dressy or casual or just fun.  There is literally anything and everything out there to keep your wrist fashionable.  Big Daddy is also a watch collector and has a decent Instagram following.  You should follow him too…  Crown and Buckle is his go to place online for watch bands.

Ties…  Ties have really become a great way to express personal style.  A man may only own a handful of suits but they can own an endless amount of ties.  Bow ties, long ties, thin ties….  Ties have the ability to make you looked more put together and completely change the look of your suit.  Anyone can wear a blue sport coat but pair it with a plaid shirt and striped tie and it’s automatically looking more sharp and sophisticated.  My current favorite place to shop for ties is the Tie Bar.

Shoe Strings…  I had never even thought of this until I bought Big Daddy a new pair of oxfords a while back and they were a chestnut color and had blue laces.  I couldn’t get over how much of a difference it made with the shoe.  It was almost like the color of the laces made the chestnut color of the shoe have more dimension.  They didn’t look like any other dress shoe I had ever seen.  I immediately started researching shoe string and found that Johnson and Murphy had a wide variety of colors.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to help the man in your life look a little more pulled together.  It’s the little things that really help to make an outfit more high end looking and feeling.  All of these accessories will definitely help to make his outfits a little more of his own.  You never know this may spark an interest in a new hobby or collection.




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