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Orange Mini Dress


Dress // Shoes but I also like these and these // Earrings are OOS similar here, check out this pair too.

Photo Credit to Melissa Breedlove Photography


I almost didn’t even try this dress on when I saw it in MacKenzie and Me but there was something about the color and the smocked waist that gave me all the feels. This season I cannot get enough florals in my wardrobe and this color orange just made my heart sing.  There is something really beautiful about a burnt orange that reminds me of fall leaves and pumpkins.   It’s still really hard for me to get used to wearing such a short skirt since it isn’t fitted but I was like I’m going for it because otherwise I am wasting my time doing squats in the gym.

So a little FYI for you…  The life of a blogger is not always so glamorous.  This day it was easily in the 90’s and I was shooting all fall content which means I was literally melting while we were taking these pictures.  Seasonal shoots aren’t always so much fun in south Louisiana.  I’m hoping that the weather will stay cool for my next shoot in November.  It’s not always glamorous but we still have fun and Melissa always gets amazing shots no matter how sweaty I am.

So about the length of this dress.  I know that a lot of you may not be excited about the mini length so I have a few ideas of how a dress like this could work for you.  A boyfriend cardigan would make this look feel like your bum was more covered.  Most of the time when I hear people who are worried about length it’s because they are worried there butt is going to show.  Throw a long boy friend cardigan over this and it would no longer be an issue.  Another idea I had was to wear this over super tight leather leggings,  Again this would eliminate the worry of feeling like you are going to expose your bottom to everyone and would look great with a little bootie.  My third idea was to size down in the dress so it would be a little shorter and wear it with a pair of dark skinnies.  Maybe with a chunkier boot to give it a more funky vibe.  Below you will find some items that could help you complete these looks.

I also want to talk about these boots for a minute.  They are not only cute but incredibly comfortable.  The price point is also amazing.  I have worn them several times and they still feel good after I have been in them for a few hours.  If you are looking for a low profile bootie these are definitely for you.  Also, they come in black.




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