Over the Knee Boots and The Other Must Have Accessories You Need For Fall

So mid October and it’s ALMOST fall in Louisiana.  I say almost because I think next week we will have a few nights in the 60’s and the leaves are starting to fall which means we may get an opportunity to wear some of our fall clothes this weekend.  I have a little section in my closet in my closet of items that I am dying to wear and among them are my over the knee (OTK) boots and hats.

I am a boot-aholic.  I have more boots than any person in South Louisiana should ever own.  I even cleared out a lot of my boots a few months ago and replaced them with new boots before their spots could get cold.  I have owned a lot of boots but I have only had one other pair of OTK boots.  The last pair I had were black and I really liked them but I had a hard time finding things to wear them with.  I felt like they always looked dressed up and too sexy for most of the things I was doing so they sat in the back of the closet and collected dust.  This season and last OTK boots have really been making a statement both in casual and dress wear.  One way they are working into peoples casual wardrobe are the fact that the heels are shorter and more square and some lines are even making flat options.  This helps to carry the casual vibe off with a major boot.

So can OTK boots be classy?  Absolutely…  The pair that I am featuring in this post I wore in a family photo shoot and I am planning on wearing them on Thanksgiving too.  The key is finding a pair that fit your thigh well and don’t squeeze.  Also, choose a hem length that is short but not bordering on mini.  You can show a teenie piece of skin between the boot and the hem of the dress or no skin at all if you want to keep the top of the boot under the skirt.  Choosing a dress that is more flowy and not form fitting will also help make this look more fun and less sexy.  Lastly think about pairing your boots with a jean or skinny pant to really keep that lean line that OTK boots provide without showing too much leg.

Dress; also love this and this and this // sweater;  look at this and this //
Must have these boots but these and these and these also // Hat; check out this one.


The most important thing is to try the boots on with an outfit you will wear them with.  Order a few pairs from a place with free shipping and returns (like Nordstrom) and try them on at home.  Seeing them with an outfit you would wear them with will really help you decide if they are the right boots for you.

Maybe OTK boots aren’t for you???  Definitely not!  These type of boots can work for anyone (short and tall) but you have to find the right ones for your body and legs.  Don’t give up if the first pair is a miss you need to try try again.  You will find something that works but you need to try multiple options.  Each company offers OTK boots that will have different heel height and also shaft height so check that when purchasing.

If you find a pair of boots that work for you because of this post send us a pic and we will feature you on our Instagram.




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