Sunday Skim

The Sunday Skim 10/15/17

We are half way through October and the temps are still not reflecting the autumn that I am feeling in my heart.  Hoping to see a little dip in the humidity this week so I can at least pull out one sweater even if it is just for the morning.

I am doing a little restructuring to the blog this week.  I will no longer be doing Tippy’s Meals on Wednesdays.  You can see the last post here and you can access all of the archived meal plans by simply searching for Tippy’s Meals in the archive section.  Starting this week you can now count on posts Sunday and Monday and then Thursday and Friday.  Sunday will be the skim, Monday your fashion post and then Thursday and Friday will lifestyle content which will include things like shopping, family, home or entertaining.  I like the idea of giving you consistent content so you know when to check back on the page.

Also, since I am changing up the content I am going to be running a contest but you have to subscribe to my emails to get the details on what you will win.  Go to our home page here and subscribe on the right hand menu.

Fashion… I am a HUGE fan of all the new lines that Target has been releasing the past few months.  I think I am more impressed with the shoes over anything else.  They have majorly stepped up their shoe game and you really need to check them out.  Shop all the A New Day Shoes here.

Food and Drink…  Temperatures dropping makes me want chili really bad.  Not sure what it is but I feel like a bowl of chili just makes me feel full and warm.  Here are a few of my favorite chili recipes.

Crock Pot White Chicken Chili // Slow Cooker Chili // Chicken Chili Crock Pot Soup

Family…  After a much anticipated 9 months my good friend Whitney had a BOY, Mr. Cooper Thomas this past week.  I am so looking forward to bringing them food this week which I think is the MOST essential postpartum gift that you can give to someone.  I love to make a big meal and then give them half to eat now and half to freeze for later.  Having meals on hand is essential long after the first few weeks of being home.  Some of my favorite things to bring a new mom are: Chicken and Dumplings, Slow Cooker Potato Soup, Red Beans and Rice, and lasagna (although this is not my recipe because we have to be REAL good friends for you to 1. See this recipe or 2. have me make my lasagna for you).

A few tips for bringing food to the new family…

  1. Send it in something you do not expect back!
  2. Send paper products so you truly have made them a no fuss meal.  I also send napkins and plastic utensils.
  3. If you are making them a large dish break it in half and prepare half to freeze in case they want to.
  4. Think about meals other than dinner.  When I send food I try to throw some muffins or pastries in too so they have a little easy breakfast item.
  5. Call or text before you go.  What time do they want it?  Would they like you to heat it before you bring it?
  6. Drop it off and don’t stay!  Let them enjoy their meal and not feel like they have to entertain.

Social…  Cool weather and fall mean outdoor events by the dozens!  Next weekend the LPO will be preforming on the lakefront and Covington will also be hosting Fall for Art.  Sunday I am hosting a brunch with Greet and Gather at my house so you can look forward to a post about that the week of the 23rd.

If you are looking for something to do with the kids next weekend Monster Mash will be taking place on Saturday and don’t forget about the little local pumpkin patches like Jim’s Trees on Hwy. 59.

Health…  Staying on the postpartum track this is such a great illustration of breastfeeding superfoods.  I was very clean with my diet when I was pregnant and I carried that over into my breastfeeding journey too.  I learned so much about what was best for feuling my body and things I would pass on to my baby.  22 months in and still breastfeeding I continue to incorporate a lot of these foods into my diet each week and it makes a big difference.

News…  The news is always heavy and I really struggle to find something light to share with you guys each week.  This isn’t necessarilary light because this woman was fleeing for her life but what an amazing story of strength that she saved herself and her dog.  Check it out here.

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Have a wonderful week!  Remember new content will come today, tomorrow, Thursday and Friday!




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