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Dressing the Family for Fall

{This post is a sponsored post for Evie’s Closet Clothing.  All thoughts, opinions and choices are 100% mine}

Fall is upon us even thought the temperature hasn’t caught on we are almost mid October at this point.  Chances are that you have planned to do fall family pictures or you will be having a nice dinner with family on Thanksgiving.  Either way you are more than likely thinking about what you and your family are going to wear.

If you ever see us on a holiday or a weekend for church we are usually coordinating in some way.  I love having all my kids matching but the art of coordinating looks really takes it to the next level.  It makes you look smart and put together without looking like you just grabbed the first three things you saw on the rack.  Not only does it make the pictures have more depth but it lets each person in the picture have their own personal style shown.  Because everyone knows we don’t all look good in the exact same thing so some variation is exactly what you need.

When coordinating looks it’s great to…

  1. Pick a central color or theme (although not everyone has to wear that exact color)
  2. Mix pattern
  3. Add in a complimentary color or two or three
  4. Think about having everyone wear different shoes
  5. Use accessories

I picked up the boys shirts and Porter’s all in one from Evie’s Closet.  The thing that I really love about their line is that it is very easy to coordinate looks with your kids.  They have good solid colors that have a lot of life to them and make it easy to pair with mom and dad.  Plus her pieces are always based on seasonal trends with a touch of traditional to them so again it makes it easier for mom and dad to find something new to match.  Another thing is that her sibling sets span the ages now that they have a tween line so you can almost dress everyone in your family from their clothes.

Dad: Shirt // Jeans // Shoes

Mom: Dress // Sweater // Boots // Earrings

Peyton: Top // Pants // Shoes

Paxton: Top // Pants // Shoes

Porter: All-in-one // Shoes

Also, my fabulous photographer, Melissa Breedlove Photography, who is responsible for all of these beautiful pictures is offering mini session in the next coming weeks.  You can look up the information on her facebook page here.



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