Big Daddy Stylist – The Week I let my Husband Pick Out My Outfits

A few weeks ago I saw an article online about a blogger who let her husband pick out her outfits for a week.  I shared the article on my Facebook and immediately had people asking us to do the same.  I asked Big Daddy what he thought and as always he was game.

I really thought he would immediately reach for the dresses because they are kind of an all in one outfit.  I was surprised that he only picked a dress one day.  The other days he chose a top and bottom, shoes and accessories.  It was fun to see how much time he put into picking things out.  I have a pretty big wardrobe as you can imagine so he really took time looking through everything I had before he picked something out.  He also asked me each day what I was doing and where I would be going so that he knew what I needed.  Overall with the exception of a few items he picked things that I would wear in my regular life.

Through the week I noticed two trends.  He really likes me in pink, wearing booties and my black shorts are his favorite.  We didn’t make it the full seven days but we did make it six so here is a review…

Day One

Day one I was going to run errands but nothing major.  I was shocked he chose jeans for me but he said he loves these jeans, didn’t know that.  He also said he had been wanting me to wear these booties so that was why he paired them with the jeans.  The top he picked because he liked pink.

Top (similar) // Jeans // Booties


Day Two

Day Two I was going on a playdate with the boys to the park.  He picked this camo top with a pair of shorts I never would have put it with but they totally worked together.  He has also been into me wearing sneakers so he picked my new platform olive satin ones.

Top // Shorts (similar) // Shoes


Day Three

Day three we were going to church and then to brunch and then I was hosting a trunk show at my house for Golden Lily.  Honestly I was slightly scared this day because I had no clue what he was going to pick.  I have to say he did well.  I gave him a little direction when he asked on the shoes but the rest is all him.  Including the necklace that I would have never have picked.

Dress // Shoes (similar) // Necklace


Day Four

Day four I had a busy morning.  I was having brunch with a friend before she had her baby and then I was going straight to the gym.  He looked confused on what to do at first and picked out the tank and motos for me to wear.  Then he added the tee on top and the slip on sneakers.  He also put my gym shoes in my purse so I could change shoes before my class.

Top (similar) // Motos // Tank // Sneakers


Day Five

Day five I was going to Peyton’s school to help his class during centers.  He picked this because he knew I would be up and down a lot and dealing with the kids.  The jeans were new but he liked the color and the shirt is one of his favorites because he actually bought it for me from Denim Bar a few months ago.  The shoes were also a choice I probably wouldn’t have made but I loved the way they looked plus I discovered how comfortable they are.

Top // Jeans // Shoes // Necklace


Day Six

Day six was our last day.  I was going to work on a project with a local artist for a blog piece I am writing for Northshore Parent.  He thought the shirt would be funny and paired it with some of my high waist shorts, you know because it’s still 90 degrees here.  The shoes just seemed to make the outfit he said.

Shirt // Shorts // Shoes

As a wife it was nice for me to see how my husband sees me.  He definitely put me in things that were comfortable but it let me see what he thinks I really look sexiest in.  Each day it was fun for us to talk about it and if I had gotten any compliments when I was out I public.  He was ready to be done by the time the week was over but it was fun while it lasted.



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