Quick Morning Outfits – For the Crazy Days

Let me tell you a little about my morning.  I always have the intentions of waking up early to write or just to have a cup of coffee.  This happens maybe once a week.  Sometimes it’s because the baby has been up and down all night and I need the extra sleep more than I need the morning peace.  Sometimes it’s because Pops and Pax wake up at the crack of dawn.  On these days I meet the dawn with a flurry of excitement.  Why they are so excited and ramped up at 5:30 (or earlier) in the morning I have no clue. The minute any of my kids wake up they are asking for food, something to drink and what we care going to do that day which means I have to use my brain before I have seen the sun or had any coffee.  It’s brutal.

So when I wake up like this I am quickly trying to get my face washed, teeth brushed and hair into something other than a lion mane and then I have to get dressed.  Luckily I am a somewhat organized mom and I lay their things out the night before because my hand to God I don’t know if I could function in the morning if I had to pick out there clothes too.

I have a pretty strict 4 to 5 day a week gym routine so many days I am throwing on leggings and a tank and going on my way.  However as the fall progresses and the days are nicer I am going to be running outside more which means more days to get dressed!  I love putting outfits together but it can also be time consuming in the mornings so I keep a number of tees and jeans in my closet for those go to quick outfits.  With fall this type of dressing only becomes easier because with the addition of a scarf, booties and a sweater your plain outfit can look different each day.

So show me what you working with…

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The Basics

So if you are going for basics that are going to last you more than one season don’t go cheap.  Buy the more expensive jeans and tee.  I put a moderately priced pair of jeans on here but if it is in your budget I would really splurge on Paige or Hudson (these are on sale too).  A good pair of jeans will last you for years so it is worth the investment.  Paige jeans are on the top of my Christmas list once I get to my goal weight.  Also, this tee is more than $30.  Kind of excessive for a tee but you will be using this top a lot so its important that it is going to last.

Ok, so now that you have your basics here are your add ons.  You can mix and match these as much as you want so you know you always have something to wear with your basic jeans and white tee.

Add Ons Option One


Add Ons Option Two


Add Ons Option Three


Add Ons Option Four

So just because your day starts in a rush doesn’t mean you need to look like it!



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