Menu for the week of 9/24/17

It’s the last week of September…  THE LAST WEEK!  Where is this year going?  Like seriously…  where?  We are officially almost in the last third of the year which means all the high holidays for eating and drinking.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  People I am telling you that now is the time!  Now is the time to get your eating in check and to start to plan your healthy lifestyle.  Do not wait until January when you are full of holiday food and boated and sharing the gym with one million people who have all made the same new years resolution as you.  Do it now.  I’m October when you have the chance to get a head start on everyone and when January comes you will sail right through and be healthier than all your friends.

My health journey started last October and it was the best decision I ever made.  I ate better in the holidays and I moved right on into the New Year without all of the crazy holiday weight.  IF you take nothing else away from these posts you need to take this.  You will never get healthy without a plan.  I can promise you that!  PROMISE.  One of the most important parts of weight loss and healthy lifestyles is planning as specifically meal planning.  This will keep you on the right track and away from making easy mistakes and allowances that add up to a lot at the end of the week.

So now we will discuss the menu.  Most weeks I just post a menu and that’s it but today I am going to talk to you a little bit about how to build a menu and why they are important.  These menu posts are not my most popular posts but I do them because 1. it is important to some of my readers and 2. I genuinely want people to be healthy and happy.  I have seen the joy personally that has come from changing my lifestyle and I want you to have that too.

So meal planning….

Why is it important to meal plan?  Meal planning like any other planning allows you to look at your life and week and make a plan that will keep you eating the way you want and also accommodate for less waste.  Meal planning also allows you to build a concise grocery list that will keep your grocery bill down and again minimize waste.  If it isn’t on the list you don’t get it.  Finally, you will save time at the grocery and at home.  You will not find yourself walking the aisles because you will know what you are getting and you will go in and get it.  The same thing at home.  You will know what you are cooking so you can walk in the house and prepare your meal without having to think about it.

How do you make a meal plan?  The first thing that I do when I am making my meal plans is look at our calendar.  What are we doing that week, where are we going, do we have any evenings that we won’t be eating at home?  The second thing I do is think about what I want to eat.  I am making the meal plan and cooking so we are going to have what I want.  The end. The third thing I do is pick out recipes that I know we will eat in one meal or be able to have enough leftovers that the whole family can eat it twice (this takes some recipe maneuvering if you have a big family).  Finally, I look for recipes that I can reuse ingredients to again minimize the waste.

Freezer Meals…  I have learned to appreciate the glory of the freezer meal a lot more in the past few years.  I put them together on my own or sometimes I just make a big pot of something and freeze it already cooked.  Either way these are amazing to have on hand in case you don’t feel like cooking one night or you forget to put something I the crock pot.  Whatever the reason it is an amazing asset.  If you want the guru on freezer meals you need to call Emily Ruffino from Pure Life Wellness.

So there you go.  All my tricks to the trade.  So now here is our menu for the week…

Sunday: Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa
Monday: Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken with Green Beans
Tuesday: Paleo Asian Chicken Cabbage Salad
Wednesday:  Date Night.  We eat out and the kids have leftovers or pizza.
Thursday: Slow Cooker Mexican Brisket
Friday: Jalapeno Cheddar Burgers
Saturday: Mango Shrimp Lettuce Wraps

So have a great week and make a plan and don’t wait to start to make changes.  DO IT TODAY!



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