A New Day & Goodfellow and Co.

In July Target announced that they would be revamping some of the lines they carry in stores.  Some were being replaced and a few added but I was immediately excited. If you remember they replaced the Cherokee children’s brand with Cat and Jack about a year ago and the line has just exploded.  Target is the master of knowing their customer and their markets.  Because of this I am always ready to embrace the changes in the stores because I know they will be good.

Last week I was on my regular shopping trip to Target and I saw they were putting up some of the new lines.  Originally they had said the launches would be in the “Fall” which I expected to be September or even as late as October.  I was excited to see that it was happening so quickly.  All of the Mernoa pieces in the women’s department had been condensed down to one rack or were being put on clearance and then new racks and shelving for A New Day were being put up.  Also, in the men’s section the displays were up for Goodfellow and Co.

I had two of three kids with me so I decided I would go back that night and take a look at everything.  Big Daddy came along so I convinced him to try on a few things too.  Overall I am extremely pleased with the new stuff.  Its on trend, cute, comfortable and easy to create outfits out of the pieces.  There is a lot of coordination opportunity.  The only issue I saw with the women’s line is it does feel like it runs a little small.  Unlike Merona that was more “vanity sizing” A New Day runs on legitimate sizing scale.  The men’s clothes seem to run true to size.

These are the outfits we picked out for ourselves….

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Top // Pants // Shoes

As soon as I saw this top I was sold.  I cannot resist a top with a bow right now.  Also, the floral pattern was so pretty and bold but not overpowering.  The fact that I was able to use the red with a darker burgundy pant was my favorite part of this outfit.  I am imagining it with a leather jacket.

Jacket // Shirt // Pants // Belt // Shoes

So when we picked out Justin’s outfit I really wanted a jacket.  He wears a lot of jackets in the fall and winter but mostly sport coats and blazers.  I have been wanting to get him a more casual coat so this was the perfect opportunity.  They called the jacket herringbone but it definitely seems like a plaid to me.  Either way the navy and burgundy paired perfectly with the olive pants.  He already had these shoes (I personally would have chosen something different but he has is how style) I gave you a link for a similar shoe above.  The one thing I really appreciate about this line is that they have several different fits on their chinos.  From skinny all the way to athletic fit so there is something for everyone.

All of the new lines from clothing to housewares shoulf be making their way into your stores by the end of September.  For now you can shop it all online at and build your dream fall wardrobe all in one place.




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