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The Sunday Skim 8/27/17


I think one of the biggest misses we make is in our undergarments.  We are good with spending $200 on a dress we will wear once but we don’t want to invest in a good bra that we will wear several times a week.  The truth is a good bra will make you clothing look better and actually help you to look thinner.  While essential it is also a task that seems overwhelming.  How may times to do walk  into a bra store and they ask you what size you are?  Hello!  You are supposed to be the expert and tell me what I should be wearing.  After losing all my weight this past year I have changed bra sizes about three times.  I decided to become my own expert in what I liked, looked good on me and what size I was.  It has been incredibly helpful educating myself so I know what I need and what will work.

I came across this information the other day and found it extremely helpful.  Take a look.

Food and Drink

Big Daddy and I eat low carb but our kids are still little and need carbohydrates in their diet.  This means that there is extra cooking on my part.  There are a few things I make that don’t require me to make an entire side dish that I can’t have.  So lettuce wraps.  Burgers, tacos, Asian food…  you can put it all in lettuce for the no carb eaters and tortillas for the ones who do.  FYI it is also the perfect party food.  These are a few of my favorite recipes.

Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps

Cheeseburger Lettuce Wraps

Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps


Second week of school for the year and first full week for us.  My oldest and my middle sons have both started back so we are in full swing school.  For the most part most of my friends kids are back in school too with the exception of one, sorry Amanda.  I am making the boys more responsible for their school items this year and reminding them daily about putting their bags up and emptying their lunch boxes.  My oldest son is even helping make lunches now and then.  I found this checklist on Pinterest and I think it would be a great way for them to remember their responsibilities daily.  Plus you could have it laminated and use a dry erase marker.



So this topic is straight from Amanda Blaum.  So I asked for suggestions on the health category this week and she suggested I talk about water.  She and I have been trying to eat really clean and drink enough water each day.  It’s definitely a struggle for me somedays to get enough water in.  I know my tricks and if I don’t put all of my bottles out on the counter in the morning I know it isn’t going to happen.  I have seen the water bottles with the times on the side and she said she had even seen bands you can put on your water bottle to remember to drink but all of this got me thinking about technology.  There has to be an app out there that will remind you to drink.

In fact there isn’t just one!  These are the top three I liked…

  1. Daily Water
  2. iDrated
  3. Waterlogged



Weather seems like it has been the only topic of discussion in our area this past week.  First it was the eclipse and now it is Hurricane Harvey which is tearing apart Texas this weekend.  However it looks like Harvey isn’t done with the US though so you can track it here.

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