Fall Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses always feel like they belong in summer and spring.  Long and flowy with a bold, bright pattern and light as air because summer heat is brutal.  But the truth is the maxi is a great option for fall and more and more people are designing them for other seasons.  The thing about maxi dresses is they can instantly make a simple dress feel more fancy.  They also allow you to wear head to toe pattern in a really interesting way.

I love how easily a maxi dress transitions from being a summer outfit that you wear with flip flops to a dress you can pair with booties and a fur vest.  This season there are so many options from fabrics to sleeves to colors and patterns.  The list is endless.

So let’s talk about how this will work for your wardrobe.  First, of all a maxi dress will work for almost every event you have from drop off at school to a wedding.  They are really that versatile depending on the fabric.  Second, they are easy in the fact that it is a complete outfit only requiring accessories.  Third, how will this translate to deep winter?  Maxi’s pair well with tights and boots and can be layered with a jacket or even over a turtleneck (don’t miss out where I talk about sheer layering here).

I picked this dress up from Stella Dallas in Mandeville a few months ago.  Owner, Jade, always has the most interesting array of clothes and I am guaranteed to find something (or several somethings) I like every time I go.  All of her in store offerings are also available online here.


Dress: Stella Dallas here
Bootie: Stella Dallas here (seriously these are my favorite boots I own)
Earrings: Golden Lily Quatrafoil Gold Earrings here

Lipstick: Unicorn Blood by Jeffery Star (thanks for the suggestion Erika Pearce)
Photo Credit: Melissa Breedlove Photography 

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