Old Navy Fall – Menswear

Fall means football and friends and enjoying the outdoors.  Hopefully the temps will start cooling down soon and we can change out our shorts and sandals for sweatshirts and boots.

Each season I take time to go through the boys clothes to see what they can use again from last year, what can be passed to another brother and which items need to go in the trash.  I do the same for Big Daddy too and throw out old shirts that have bee worn past their time and look for holes in his wardrobe that need to be filled.  I usually also spend sometime looking for new trends that I want to incorporate into his look.

I like to follow some of the trends when dressing my fellas but not all of them.  There is something to be said for traditional menswear but I like to add a little edge in here and there.  I definitely like a more fitted look with pants and shirts but we stick more traditional when it comes to suiting and polos.  Some things with menswear truly will never go out of style so classic pieces are also a must.

Also, menswear varies a lot on body type.  Big Daddy is built bigger across the shoulders and chest while his legs and hips are thinner so he looks better in a more fitted pant rather than a wide leg.

I know that it isn’t always easy to get your man out to a store to shop so I decided to make this post easy in the fact that everything is from Old Navy.  There is one in almost every town so it’s not hard to get to one and if you don’t have one in your area they have free shipping online and usually a great return policy.  Plus you have the bonus of being able to shop for yourself while you are there and your kids too.

When I am shopping for myself I usually buy separates and then keep in mind what I have to buy matches.  When I am shopping for the boys or Big Daddy I buy in outfits.  It seems easier for me to keep track of what they have if I buy an entire outfit at once.  It also is easier for BD if he is shopping for himself.  So I am making it super easy for you and keeping at all at Old Navy and finding an outfit for all of your fall needs.

Casually Dressy

Farmer’s  Market Fresh

Monochromatic Date Night

Laid Back Camo

Dressed Up Camo

Game Day

Gym to Street


P.S. I’m really into camo this fall.  All the heart eyes for camo…



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