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My friend Amanda is my friend who never met a beauty product she didn’t want to try.  I love that she always tries the new things because I get to live through her experiences before trying it out on myself.  Seriously she is the person who got me to start filling in my brows and she also helped me to up my contour game with using cream contour.  She knows where all the best samples are and she is always willing to share a good tip.  She’s also my sounding board for all things crazy with my kids.  As a fellow SAHM and Boy Mom she gets it and I’m so glad I have her in my village.

A few weeks ago she told me she was stalking the Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow pallet for Morphe.  She was so excited and couldn’t wait for the sale to open.  She was one of the first people to purchase when it went live and then day the pallet came in she was over the moon.  All the excitement made me want her to try all the colors and write a review.  I am not a beauty product girl.  I mean I like makeup but I also like to stick with what I know so I don’t always venture out of my comfort zone.  Although I am trying to be better I thought it would be fun to have some guests posts from my friends who really LOVE makeup and all things beauty…

Also, a big thank you to Amanda for taking time out of her busy schedule to write this for me!

XO, Tippy


Tiffany casually mentioned on the phone one day that she might want me to review the new Jaclyn Hill x Morphe eyeshadow palette. I figured it would be a good excuse to force myself out of my comfort zone and use all 35 shades straight out the gate. Please know that I am not a professional makeup artist or an especially talented amateur. I’m just a sahm who likes my eyeshadow poppin’ at Chick Fil A and Target.

One of the many things Tiffany and I have in common is our obsession with beauty tutorials and Jaclyn Hill. When this palette was announced, I drank all the kool aid put out on social media. I happened to be in the market for new eye shadow and Jaclyn Hill was offering 35 shades for $38. Seemed like a no brainer. So on launch day I camped out at my computer like a psycho fan girl, and scored a palette.

First impression: the PIGMENTS! I love a good shimmer eyeshadow. The shimmers and satins in this palette are blinding. The colors are even more striking in person than they are in pictures and video.

What They Got Right

  • High quality. This was my first experience with Morphe and they far exceeded my expectations. Prior to this I was primarily using Bare Minerals and Urban Decay shadows. For most of the shades, a small amount of product goes a long way. Layering and blending is easy enough for an amateur. They feel luxurious, and they hold up in the steamy Louisiana weather.
  • Variety. The range of colors is phenomenal. Everything is in this palette from warm neutrals to vibrant pops of color. Lots of coppers and maroons to create the fiery eye that is trending. Bonus for Louisiana ladies: Mardi Gras purple and greens. Overall, the palette provides a striking assortment of shimmers, satins, and mattes.
  • Value. For the chick with a small beauty budget, this palette gives you a big bang for your buck. The pan sizes are generous. There are countless looks you can create from this one palette. You have shades you can use for Walmart Grocery Pickup, date night with hubby, and brunch with the girls.

Where They Missed the Mark

  • Blendability. I find that since the shadows are so pigmented, they do need to be blended out. The intense color is great, but you have to be careful to blend the shades into each other to avoid harsh lines.
  • Consistency. There are just a few shades that I find to be patchy. Faint is a light baby pink shimmer with flecks of gold. Looks heavenly in the pan, but when applied the gold flecks don’t always distribute evenly. Soda Pop is a matte eggplant shade so deep it’s almost brown. The first three times I played with it the application appeared very patchy. The fourth time was the charm. Twerk is a luscious cobalt blue satin. It applies beautifully, but it looks more purplish than blue when it’s on. Still a great shade but slightly misleading.
  • Intimidating. Ok so this one isn’t Morphe or Jaclyn Hill’s fault, it’s on me. It was slightly overwhelming to get started with this palette since there are so many shades and they are all so rich. I am use to opening my Urban Decay palettes and following the order laid out for me. It took me a little longer to get ready the first time because I had to study the shades and decide which ones were my every go to colors.

Final thoughts: this palette is a win for me. I could seriously use only this every single day. Going out of my comfort zone has been fun and it makes doing my makeup exciting. Not everyone needs 35 eye shadows, but sometimes it is fun to indulge.


Look 1 – Day: Silk Cream, Buns, Chip, Mocha, Meeks, Enlighten

Look 2 – Day to Night: Silk Creme, Hunts, Firework, Hillster, Roxanne, Jacx, Queen, Enlight

Look 3 – Night: Silk Creme, Royalty, Twerk, Pool Party, Hunts, Buns, Creamsicle, Obsesse

How to purchase…

The pallets are still sold out but Morphe is working to have more for sale in August.  You can sign up for emails on their website, here, and be the first to know when it becomes available again.

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