Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Men’s Wear

I hope y’all aren’t getting tired of my Nordstrom posts.  The deals are so good I just want to make sure you are seeing everything.

So Menswear is not something that I post about often.  However I dress 4 males on the regular so it’s something I am becoming an expert at.  Three boys and one husband leaves me searching stores and online for men’s clothes more often than I ever imagined.  In this whole parenting thing I kind of always imagined myself dressing a little girl.  However I have discovered that dressing boys is just as fun.

Big Daddy definitely has a signature style.  Polos and Jeans or shorts when he’s off and suits when he is working.  However since he has turned 40 and lost 50 pounds it has been a lot easier to get him to try new styles.  This past two years I have spent a lot of time revamping his closet and while it still has a number of Brooks Brothers polo shirts I am happy to say that we have replaced his old wide leg chinos with skinny pants.  While he won’t be wearing jeggings anytime soon, and why would anyone want to anyway, he has grown to like some of the more stylish trends.

He has also developed quite the affinity for watches in his post 40 life so I made sure to include plenty of those too.  Men don’t really have a lot of accessories to choose from like women do so it’s nice to give them several options on watches so they can change them out with their outfits.

The truth is that buying for men can be difficult.  They do seem to get stuck in their ways more than women.  Their sizing is also completely different than women so that has it’s own learning curve.  Don’t let that stop you thoug.  Everyone likes to get something new now and then so your man would probably appreciate you taking time out of your day to shop for him.  Plus with the sale prices it’s a great time to stock up for his birthday or Christmas.

I tried to make this as easy as possible for you ladies to look for your man or for men that are shopping for themselves.  All my picks are divided up into outfits including tops, bottoms, shoes and an accessory!  Happy Shopping!

***This post contains affiliate links for Nordstrom.  All thoughts opinions and choices are mine.***

Weekend Casual

Classic Businessman


Dapper Gent

Casual Friday


Cool Dad




Sunday Funday

Pro Tip…  Get your husbands sizes and save them in your phone.  That’s how I always remember his sizes.

Take advantage of some of these deals and surprise your man with something new for the fall or save it for Christmas.  It’s the perfect excuse to get him to try something new.  Have fun shopping friends!

XO, Tippy

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