Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Capsule Wardrobe

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is officially open to the public as of yesterday!  Insert all of the praise hands.  Sales like this can be incredibly overwhelming with thousands of items on sale.  My goal has been to break the items down so that they were more manageable for you to look at and decide what to get.

Today I am making my ultimate capsule wardrobe from the sale.  In case you aren’t sure what a capsule wardrobe is you can view my post here.

I am keeping this pretty basic.  If this were going to be my personal capsule I would definitely add in more pattern.  However when you are building your first capsule for a season it is good to keep it more basic.  I also added in some splurge pieces.  The nicest thing about building a capsule is it allows you to buy more high end pieces.  Since you are buying less pieces you can invest more money in certain items.

All of these items are interchangeable including the shoes and accessories.  So many options!








I hope this helps make the sale a little more manageable.  Enjoy shopping and get ready for fall!



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