Style Encore – Buying Secondhand Clothing

When Style Encore opened locally I was mostly excited about the opportunity to sell my gently used clothing.  I really didn’t think about them as a place to shop per se.  Well the first or second time I went to sell clothes to them I was able to look around and I was really impressed with the stock that they carry.

The Owners are both skilled in which styles sell well for them and also in noticing issues with the clothing and shoes they are purchasing.  Most of there items are in pristine condition and a lot of them still have the tags on them.  One of the things I think is so great about a place like Style Encore is it gives you the opportunity to buy unique items and also revive old styles sometimes.

There are a few things you should know before shopping though.

  1. Start on the sale rack.  There is always an awesome sales rack.  Why start with the full priced items if you are already wanting to buy something that is second hand just start there.  The items on the sale rack are in just as good of condition as the ones on the regular priced racks they are just items that have been there for a while and they are tying to move the inventory so they can buy more of your things.
  2. Be ready to dig.  Style Encore is HUGE and there racks are full of items for you to look at.  This is not a pop in a browse really quick kind of place.  You definitely want to take your time and make sure to try on items before you purchase.
  3. Don’t forget to look at shoes.  I have gotten some of the most amazing shoes I own from Style Encore.  If you think they are picky about clothes you will be amazed at how picky they are about shoes.  They all look like they are in mint condition.  I have a pair of FRYE boots I bought from them for just around $40 and a pair of Cole Haan wedges that I paid $20 for.
  4. Go with a goal in mind.  If you aren’t a person who likes to spend a lot of time shopping you would do well by deciding what you are looking for before you go.  I’m not just talking about, well I want a dress, be specific of what type of dress or what event you are shopping for.  They have wonderful sales associates who can point you in the right direction.
  5. Check for items with tags.  I will buy both used and unused items but I just feel like I am getting a total deal when I buy something that has tags on it.  Winning!
  6. Use them to buy your next handbag.  They have a wide variety of purses from designer to fashion brands.  I have purchased several mint condition designer bags from them for a fraction of the retail price.  Ladies in this area keep there handbags in pristine condition and it’s obvious by looking at Style Encores inventory.

So my last trip to Style Encore was specifically to look for date night dresses and a dress for a Junior League Open House I was attending in June.  I purchased all three of these dresses for $25.  The biggest deal was the striped Calvin Klein dress that not only still had tags on it but was marked down to $2.25.  Score.

This dress caught my eye because of the lace pattern.  I also loved the sleeves.  I haven’t seen anything like it in stores recently so I thought it was a unique piece.

I have already worn this dress on a date with Big Daddy but I am thinking about wearing it again for the 4th of July.  The pattern reminds me of fireworks and I kind of think it would be the perfect summer evening dress.

This dress was a total score.  Calvin Klein.  Still have the tags on it.  Marked down to $2.25.  I had to buy it just on principal.

Style Encore is located at 4244 Highway 22 in Mandeville.  You can follow them on facebook here.

Enjoy your 4th of July weekend!






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