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Field Trip Friday – The Louisiana Children’s Museum

We have been planning this one fore a while.  The Children’s Museum in New Orleans is one of the best.  Even better in the summer because they almost always have something going on every single day of the week.  Last Friday there was a special storytime and a craft that they had set up.  So much fun although my kids usually like to stick around the Louisiana Port and the Grocery Store.  If I can pull them away from those two then we can have some fun participating in the crafts.

Things I love about the Children’s Museum in New Orleans…

  • It’s BIG.  Like huge.  There is so many things for the kids to do and since they have different interests there is always something to catch one of their attention.
  • There are lots of local themes.  I love that there is a streetcar, winn dixie, cafe du monde and a port for them to play with.  I love the idea of instilling in them a love for local things and I feel like these type of places help to nurture that appreciation.
  • There is so much for them to do.  The museum is three floors and two of those floors are completely dedicated to exhibits.  We don’t get to everything when we are there.  It’s impossible.

Things I do not love…

  • It’s BIG.  My kids want to go in opposite directions and it would be pretty impossible for me to keep up with all three of them if I was by myself.  I brought my mom with me this time.
  • I’m not crazy about the security at the front door.  Basically there is none.  So if you have a runner I would make sure that you keep and eagle eye on them because no one is watching the front door.


This Friday we are planning a trip the the Cool Zoo in the Audubon Zoo and we are going to to the Lynn Meadows Children’s Museum in Mississippi on Saturday to celebrate my Mom’s Birthday.  The boys haven’t stopped talking about the Cool Zoo yet!



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