Casual Shorts… Dressy Shorts…

Shorts are one of those staple summer items like sundresses.  In the winter we want all the accessories and in the summer we want shorts for every occasion.  Gym shorts and lounging shorts and casual shorts and dressy shorts.  The list is endless.  It feels like you could have 100 pairs of short and still not have enough but in reality do you really need that many?

The last few years I have found a short that meets in the middle of the dressy short and the casual short.  They are the short version of Old Navy’s Pixie Pant.  This short has nice structure and a flat front plus belt loops so it has a more dress feel.  The fabric is a cotton with some stretch so it feels more casual but still hugs your hips like a dress short.  They work well with heels, wedges or sandals and come in a variety of colors.  Plus Old Navy has the best sales so there is no reason to pay full price.

Dressing up your shorts…

Dress shorts are kind of becoming the new mini skirt.  I have been mixing them in for date nights and brunch and have even found an occasion to wear them to a baby shower.  The importance with distinguishing a dress short from a casual short is 1. shoes, 2. top and 3. jewelry.

Shoes.  This always sets the tone for any outfit.  If you pair it with a flat or a sandal chances are you will be dressing down your look.  If you are really married to wearing a flat with your dress shorts make sure it is a pointed toe or try a fancy pattern or fabric.  If you really want to make sure your outfit reads dressy than go for the dressier shoe.  A heel or a thin wedge will work and if you want to go the extra mile choose something in a metallic.

Top.  Think about fabric and pattern.  Stay away from cotton tops if you are trying to dress up your look.  Bold patterns, thin straps, lace, thin dainty fabrics always make a look more polished.  When I am dressing up I am not usually one to wear a belt that shows.  However if you pick a top that is going to show your belt make sure that you pick something thin and perhaps in a metallic or a patent leather.  Both will help to dress the look up a little.

Jewelry.  This would be an opportunity that you would want to wear a bracelet, necklace and earrings.  A little more accessorizing than normal will be sure to make you look dressier rather than casual.

Dressing down your shorts…

There aren’t too many rules for keeping a short looking casual.  In general shorts are usually viewed as a casual piece of clothing.  But if you are wanting to look a little more pulled together than just a short and a tank top a peplum tank or tee is always a great option.

The outfit I put together for this post is what I would consider dressy casual.  The top is cotton but has a peplum so it made me feel a little more put together than a casual shirt would have.  I have worn this outfit to brunch and also to a school picnic for the boys preschool.

The shirt and shorts both come in a variety of colors.  Bonus is they are both on sale currently!

Top: Old Navy Peplum Tank
Shorts: Old Navy Pixie Chino Shorts
Shoes: Tory Burch Moore Metallic Thong Sandal
Necklace: similar here
Bracelet: Custom Golden Lily.  Similar here

I just want to take a second to thank Melissa Breedlove who has been taking all of my blog pictures!  She is so amazingly talented and I am loving that I get to work with one of my best friends.  Check out her page as she is taking clients again and I am so excited to see all of her real life photos!  Melissa Breedlove Photography.



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