Sunday Skim

The Sunday Skim – 6/25/17


Next weekend is going to be a big weekend for sales.  Stores are already starting to unload the Spring and Summer items and stock up on Fall.  I spent part of the week in New Orleans and passing through Canal Place the stores were littered with sale signs.  The actual start of summer is always the call to start preparing for the next season in the retail industry.

Stay tuned because stores like Nordstrom who will be starting the big NSale in July will not only be unloading their spring and summer goods they will also be getting rid of last seasons winter wear too.  This is the perfect opportunity to scoop up that leather jacket you have had your eye on or the perfect pair of boots.

For this week I would tell you to hold on to your money and wait until the 4th of July sales hit next week…

Unless you are desperate to shop and then Zara is the place to be.


I have been craving BBQ a lot but it has been raining so much that it has been impossible to use the grill.  Case in point we wanted to BBQ Saturday night and it was pouring when dinner time came around so we just baked salmon instead.  I love this recipe because it is easy, delicious and it will satisfy your BBQ cravings.  It is one of the most simple recipes I have ever used and it is a hit everytime I make it.  Crockpot BBQ Chicken.


So just being open, honest and transparent July is where I usually lose my ever loving mind with summer.  It’s too hot and then kids are too ramped up and I am too tired to think of more ideas.  June is my jam.  July… not so much.

Well if you are like me and July just isn’t your thing than this may help!  It’s an idea jar.  For those days when you need to do something with them but you just aren’t sure what you want to do.  Come up with ideas together that you want to do before summer and then add them to the jar.  When you are at a loss for what to do or you need to get your kids out of a funk and on to something new pick something out.  The great part about this is you can make it as easy or as hard as you want it to be.  The items could be adventures, local places you want to see or just games that you can play.  This link has some great ideas of things to include… Summer Activity Jar

Hold on Mommas…  only 6 weeks left!


I have been pushing myself a lot more in the gym the last few weeks and am getting some great results.  however I really want to focus on my form and ability of some of my exercises.  I have been working on my pull-ups and also my jumping but I want to get better at push-ups too.  I would love to be able to do sets of push-ups on my toes so I looked up a push-up challenge and I am going to add this into my routine starting Monday.  The thing I love about a challenge like this is it allows you to work on your form and strength of an exercise but it does not really effect your other workouts.  This is something that you add in daily and if you are already going to the gym that day I just add it to the end of my workout and if you aren’t then you can do it in your living room.

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