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Field Trip Friday – Sky Zone

One of the biggest requests we get from the kids is to go to the “jumpy place” meaning the indoor trampoline park in Covington.  We take them pretty often as it is an easy way to wear them out and it’s also a personal favorite on rainy days.  A few weeks ago my Mom told me about a new one that had opened in Metairie, Sky Zone,  and asked if we wanted to try it one Friday.

Well this past Friday we got to go for a visit.  First off you should know that Toddler jump time is ONLY on Thursdays.  We misunderstood this and ended up arriving an hour before they opened.  No problem there was a park not to far away so we burned a little time there and then went back when they opened at 11:00.

I really liked the place.  It is well managed with staff but they let the kids have fun (unlike what I have found at sector 6 that has so many rules your kids are constantly getting told no).  It is also constructed in a square with a viewing area in the center so you can pretty much see you kids from anywhere.  This is especially good for me since my kids always want to run in different directions.  I also liked that you have a 30 minute option and a 60 minute option.  Sometimes the 60 minutes it too long for my kids so it was nice to be able to choose a shorter amount of time.

The kids seemed to love it and said it was more fun that Sector 6.  It seemed to me that the obstacle courses were easier for them to participate on and the basketball goals could be lowered to a level where they could actually make baskets.

Here are a few pictures from our trip…

We had a great time and I definitely recommend it.  Especially if you have multiple children who are a variety of ages.  There is something for everyone to do!

Oh and my boys requested man buns for the day.  You Tube is a blessing and a curse with the ideas sometimes.


This Friday we are supposed to go the Children’s Museum in New Orleans.  That is unless the weather is as bad as they are saying and then we may be looking for an Ark!



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