Sunday Skim

The Sunday Skim – 06/11/17


I am writing this as i am enjoying my second glass of rose’ on this National Rose’ Day!  Cheers!


I am going to focus on the guys this week since it is Father’s Day on Sunday.

Banana Republic is having a men’s sale this week that includes their polos, shorts and dress shirts.  GAP is having a 40% off any purchase sale with code WARMER.  Old Navy is doing 50% off their entire stock plus an additional 20% off (almost everything) with code SWEET.  JCrew is offering 25% off all their merchandise with an additional 40% off all sale items with code FRESHPICKS.

Big Deal Sale at Brooks Brothers!  They are having their Semi Annual sale through the 27th of June.  Oxford shirts are marked down to $100 and men’s dress shirts are buy 4 and save 40% or buy 2 and save 25%.

I did a Father’s Day Gift Guide earlier this week but in case you missed it you can find it here.


It’s really easy to go to the gym on the days  that you are motivated but what do you do on the days that you just can’t get into it?  This week was a challenge for me.  I was committed to doing VBS every single day from 9am until noon and we were all tired when we got home.  How was I going to get myself in gear to get 5 workouts in?  Here are a few of the things I did…

  1. I scheduled my workouts for the whole week last Sunday.  I committed myself to getting to the actual gym three times and then I gave myself two at home workouts.
  2. I organized myself completely the night before so I could be at the gym by 8am the days that I was doing my workouts with my trainer.
  3. I enlisted the help of Big Daddy to make sure to keep me accountable and to give him advance notice that I would need more help with the kids the days I was going to the gym.
  4. I thought about my long term fitness goals rather than how I was feeling that day.
  5. I just went.  Even when I didn’t want to.  I told myself that I would go and if after 10 minutes if I wasn’t into my workout then I would leave.  Except once I’m there I never leave.

Creating healthy habits is like any other habit that you create…  it takes time and a plan.

Food and Drink

In honor of National Rose’ Day I thought it would be a great opportunity to share a recipe for the newest craze which is Frozen Rose’ or Frose’.  \


1 750 ml bottle of your favorite Rose’ (mine is pinot noir)
1/2 cup of sugar
1/2 cup water
2 cups of strawberries (hulled)
1/4 cup lemon juice (fresh)


Pour rose’ into ice cube trays and freeze for 6 hours (Know that this will not freeze completely though because of the alcohol content).  Combine the water and sugar in a saucepan over low heat making a simple syrup.  Remove sauce pan from heat and add strawberries and let pan sit aside to cool.  Strain mixture and cool in fridge.  In a blender you can combine the frozen rose’ wine, 1/2 cup simple syrup, 1/2 cup lemon juice and 1 cup of crushed ice.  Blend until smooth.


So I am not sure how it is in your house but in mine summer means non stop snacks.  Literally.  It’s like I’m in the middle of the plague of locusts.  The other day my 4yo finished his breakfast (eggs, sausage and a waffle) and he immediately asked me if he could have a snack.  What the actual what!?!?!?  I am going through sacks at an alarming rate so I am thinking of installing these in the fridge and pantry.  These will be all the snacks they can have for the day and when they are gone that is it.  Obviously I will put less in them than this pic but you get the idea.

Has anyone else instituted anything like this?




Hurricane season has officially begun and we will be on alert until the fall.  I wrote a post last year on emergency preparedness that I think would be a great refresher for all of us.  We learned last year with the floods in March and in August that we don’t just need to worry about flooding and emergency situations in hurricane season only.  You can read the article in it’s entirety here.

Enjoy your coffee and I hope you can catch a little sun before the rain comes again this week!


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