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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is next weekend but there is still plenty of time to think about what to get your Dad or your spouse.  I try really hard to come up with interesting gifts each year but sometimes I am completely stumped.  I feel like Father’s Day is such a big holiday because you are trying to honor someone for what they are doing day in and day out.  It always makes me want to put more thought into the gift and make it something sentimental.  However it’s reasonable to think that you are going to be able to blow someone away with your gift each and every year so it’s good to throw something practical and fun in there now and then too.

For Justin’s first Father’s Day I bought him things that were quintessential father items.  A tie, new dress socks, beer and cuff links.  The thing is though that the cuff links I bought him were made out of a baseball that was thrown as the first pitch in the World Series when the Boston Red Socks won for the first time in like a billion years.  Basically I gave him the best gift ever for the first Father’s Day.  I have spent all subsequent years trying to achieve that greatness again…

This year I gave him his gift already and it’s a project that we are working on together.  It’s something that is very sentimental and I think he will treasure and I like that it was something that we have been able to do together and work on with the kids.  It’s not finished yet but when it is I will be positing it for y’all to see.

Back to my gift guide.  Dad’s are hard to buy for.  Bottom line.  I hope that this will make it easier for you.

Also, I originally started this as a Father’s Day guide post but I really should rename it Big Daddy’s Favorite Things…


So I mentioned that I purchased Justin cuff links made out of a baseball for his first Father’s Day.  They are amazing and you can even see the dirt on them.  The ones I purchased him came from a dealer with a certificate of authenticity.  You should definitely make sure that you would get something like this to insure that you are receiving an authentic product.  This is the company that I purchased Big Daddy’s cuff links from, Bottomofthe9thonline

If your Dad or Spouse aren’t into sports but do like cuff links these are also very interesting and would make an excellent conversation piece.  The designer makes them out of old typewriter keys.  The company is called What’s Your Type and you can view their cuff link selections here.


Big Daddy is into watches and it’s kind of a hobby of his.  I have bought him several over the years from other watch collectors online but I also like to buy him unique ones that may not be expensive.  Wooden watches have become a big trend and there are a lot of affordable options out there.  You can also have most of them engraved which makes them a little more special too. has the best selection I have looked at and they also have great sales.  This is my current favorite… Tree Hut Nova

Amazon Echo

I bought our first Echo for Big Daddy for Christmas last year.  We have since added two dots to the house and have plans to add more.  The whole family uses them daily to play music, check the weather and add items to lists that we have.  They really are helpful to have around and I love that we can have music at a moments notice.  Big Daddy likes them for the same reason and that you can hook up all of your smart items to the echo like your lights and some appliances.  It can also control some thermostats.

Fit Bit

This is a great gift if the Dad you are buying for is into fitness.  Fit Bit’s are great for tracking activity and sleep too.  This particular model has all the bells and whistles and is also equipped with a heart rate monitor.


The boys and I bought Big Daddy a drone for Christmas and I think it was the highlight of everyone’s day.  He had a great time playing with it himself but also teaching the boys how to fly it and land it.  They were all taking turns trying to land it on the bookshelves in the living room and then on the roof outside.  It was definitely a last minute gift that turned into one of his favorite things.

Bear Claws

If the Dad in your life likes to grill or use the smoker you know that getting a big, hot piece of meat into a pan can be tricky.  These are the perfect tool to move meat off the grill or out of the smoker but you can also use them to pull the meat apart too.  Talk about making pulled pork in just a few minutes.  Plus they are an absolute steal at $12!

Lighted Knit X-Cap

I like this hat.  I am not sure why but I just think that there is some Dad out there who would see this and be like BEST GIFT EVER!  For the night runner in your life or just the Dad who likes to tinker with things.  I am sure that any guy could put this to good use.


Socks are kind of becoming the new man’s accessory.  Guys are really starting to spend as much time picking their socks as they do picking a tie.  Fleurty Girl was posting some new socks last week on Facebook and they caught my eye.  Socks are a way that a man can really show off his personal style.  These are fun and New Orleans themed!

Dress Shirts


These are Big Daddy’s favorite dress shirts.  Over the years I have bought him A LOT of dress shirts and they always seem to look worn sooner than later.  I have found, just like with a lot of things, that a higher priced quality product is better and saves me money in the long run.  These are some of the softest shirts and they hold up really well to cleaning.  Also, I love all of the traditional patterns they have and there are a ton of options.  Right now if you purchase 3 shirts they are 25% off.


I bought Big Daddy his first pair of drivers and he fell in love with them immediately.   They are a great cross between a dress shoe and a tennis shoe meaning they are great for walking but also look classic.  Although they aren’t dressy enough to go with a suit they do work for him on casual work days.  They pair well with shorts, chinos or jeans.  Also, think color!  Just because it’s a man doesn’t mean they can’t wear a colored shoe.  Blue is my personal favorite!


Enjoy picking out something fun for the Dad in your life.  This is a great weekend to be relaxed and enjoy time with the special people in your life.  Take some pressure off and don’t worry about getting the most perfect gift.  Just worry about getting the something that will be special to them!


XO, Tippy





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