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Redecorating my Bedroom

Last summer we decided to redecorate some of the inside of our house.  Honestly, it was just going to be the living room but that quickly changed into living room, foyer, formal dining room, kids room and finally our bedroom!  We really had not changed much since we moved in 8 years ago so frankly it was time for a few changes.  The better question of why we started in the summer, one of the busiest times for our family, remains unanswered…

The plan was for everything to be finished in the month of June.  In reality we finished the final project, our bedroom, in January.  Now that it is done I am glad we went in head first to tackle some big projects…but I’ll just say painting and doing flooring with three toddlers is the definition of insanity!

Prior to the remodel our house was darker than I would have liked so we used this opportunity to really lighten it up and make the space seem fresh and airy.  Our home sits on a small pond and we have a lot of windows so now it feels like the inside matches the brightness of the outside.

Our bedroom is obviously a place where we spend a good amount of time.  I enjoy relaxing in it but I also use the room as my writing area. For that reason I wanted a new space that I could enjoy with the kids but also by myself while I worked. And knowing that Saturday mornings are for coffee/snuggling in bed and Friday nights are movie night means at those times our bedroom is ground zero for everyone. Basically this space needed to be able to accommodate various uses and do so comfortably.

I started the process with a new wall color and new bedding.  My plans are to eventually change out all of the furniture too but I want an eclectic mix of pieces so that does not just happen over night.  Also, our youngest is still in our bedroom so if I am going to have a crib side car’ed to my bed at least it can be pretty too…


For Christmas Big Daddy bought me a writing desk as one of my gifts.  I loved it except for the legs.  A quick coat of spray paint and it was exactly what I wanted.  Its also nice to have a dedicated space to write.


We had this painting commissioned by our good friend Kenny Neumann for our 10 year wedding anniversary.  I love that it still fits with the colors of the room.  I think it pops off of the wall even more than before.


Big Daddy and I at our 10 year Vow Renewal


I wanted to keep the artwork light and ethereal in the bedroom.  Its such a relaxing place and I didn’t want to over bear the walls with big frames and heavy looking artwork.  This piece kind of just fit in perfectly.


Mid project I decided I had to have a full length mirror.  In 9 years of living here we had never had a full length mirror in our house.  If you have ever purchased a big mirror you know they  are not cheap so I was prepared to hold out for the right one.  Then I walked into Home Goods one afternoon and the glory of this mirror shined across the store.  Even better was that it was marked down to $40!

This is my space in the room.  I put the chair here for people to be able to sit down and put their shoes on but in truth I wanted a quiet space to read or just sit and drink my morning cup of coffee.  It doesn’t happen every day but it happens often enough to keep me happy.


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